What’s AT&T Got Up Its Sleeve LTE-Advanced? VoLTE?

AT&T has something up its sleeve.

The company this week teased reporters that it has a July 16 announcement in the works, but will give no hint about the nature of the news. So, let the speculation begin.

Computerworld predicts AT&T will launch its LTE-Advanced capabilities, which would put the provider ahead of rivals Verizon Wireless and Sprint, even though both have LTE coverage (Verizon in about 200 more cities than AT&T, incidentally).

There’s also a school of thought that AT&T is prepping for Voice over LTE, which provides voice over a data network, essentially eliminating traditional voice minutes usage. Verizon has been intending to roll out its VoLTE service next year, so AT&T may be trying to keep pace.

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