Microsoft, Cisco Putting More Joint Money Toward Cloud Deployments

Microsoft and Cisco want to push deployment of hybrid and private clouds worldwide and, as a result, said this week they’re investing more joint money to align sales teams and channel partners.

The two companies spent the last 10 months pilot-testing Microsoft’s Cloud OS Accelerate program, which gives customers money to help offset the cost of deploying Microsoft cloud products. Now, as Microsoft takes that effort global, Cisco and Microsoft plan to put more funds toward stimulating adoption.

At the same time, Cisco and Microsoft also have taken the past two years to integrate data center technologies. As a result, they’re now combining Cisco’s Unified Data Center architecture with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and System Center 2012 for private cloud platforms that will help organizations simplify data center operations, improve those economics and boost IT productivity.

The companies made the announcement at Microsoft’s World Partner Conference, underway this week in Houston.

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