iAreaNet Eyes Nonprofits: If We Can’t Save You Money, We’ll Donate $1,000

iAreaNet, which sells through agents and VARs, has launched an initiative to attract more nonprofit customers.

The technology services provider says it will conduct a thorough communications audit, then design an all-IP, cloud platform for potential new clients, to show them cost and time savings. Then, through the end of the year, if iAreaNet cannot save the nonprofit any money, "we will donate $1,000 to their organization," said Andrew Campbell, managing partner at iAreaNet. 

But iAreaNet is confident its cloud platforms will save charities and other nonprofit organizations a hefty sum, an average of 30 percent each month, Campbell said.

iAreaNet provides an "office in the cloud" product that includes the latest version of Microsoft Office and that integrates with SaaS-based programs including QuickBooks, Amicus and Dreamweaver. iAreaNet’s programmers also can develop CRM and custom applications.

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