Apple Mulling Giant-Screen iPhone 6 Release? Don’t Bet On It

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It’s the type of information you’d expect to hear from less reputable sources, making us wonder if there might be something to the news that Apple is considering developing an iPhone with a 5.7-inch screen.

“Four people with knowledge of the matter” told Reuters this week that Apple is considering the unveiling of iPhones with various screen sizes including 4.7 inches and a whopping 5.7 inches as soon as next year. Not only that, the devices might come in multiple colors.

Is Apple considering an iPhone with a 5.7-inch display? A cheaper version of the device is also a possibility, a new report says.Want more? The report reiterated another rumor that’s been circling for months now: Apple will develop a cheaper version of the iPhone aimed at emerging nations where its iconic device is simply too expensive.

So what should we make of all this? With the exception of the 5.7-inch screen, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before but most of the time the speculation comes from an analyst or an unknown tech site, not of the world’s premier international news organizations.

Despite the ever-growing competition, Apple has said as recently as this past winter that it wouldn’t dilute its product line by creating something cheaper, citing its terrific margins on the existing iPhone. So unless there’s a quick change of heart, a cheaper version particularly as soon as next year seems unlikely, especially considering the long development cycle.

While a larger screen certainly seems possible (after all, the company did go from 3.3 inches to four inches last year), 5.7 inches would be quite a leap. Apple could have decided to go with something larger than four inches on the iPhone 5, but didn’t feel the need, even as Samsung continues to pump out phones with screens of almost five inches or larger. The Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy S4, at five inches, is Apple’s biggest competition, so making a 4.7-inch iPhone is more likely. Another inch would put it in the “phablet” category (a phone-tablet hybrid) a move we don’t think Apple is ready to make.

It’s widely expected that Apple will debut the iPhone 5S, its seventh-generation smartphone, in September. The 5S, while running on the recently introduced iOS 7, is not expected to look much different than its predecessor, 2012’s iPhone 5.

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