TelePacific Gives Customers View Of Network Performance

TelePacific Communications is offering a new tool that gives customers visibility into the performance of  their IP network services. 

Called Network Monitor, the tool is available at no charge for customers using TelePacific’s 1Net MPLS and 1Net MPLS with SmartVoice.

Network Monitor is delivered as a Web-based dashboard that shows performance for individual interfaces as well as the enterprise-wide network. Visual icons show the big picture and pinpoint specific trouble spots.

Top 10 lists break out key performance metrics that spotlight overutilization. Examples include Top 10 Nodes by Current Response Time, Top 10 Nodes by Average Response Time, Top 10 Nodes by Percent Packet Loss, Top 10 Interfaces by Percent Utilization, Top 10 Interfaces by Traffic, Top 10 Errors and Discards This Hour and Top 10 Errors and Discards Today.

From there, they can drill down into specific interface performance metrics, such as percent Utilization (Receive and Transmit), Interface Charts, Interface Errors & Discards Table, Maximum Traffic Today, Event Summary for this Interface, Min/Max/Average Bandwidth, Percent Utilization, Errors & Discards, Total Bytes Transferred and Min/Max/Average Packets

Network Monitor also offers access to customizable reports that highlight trends and problems as well as historical tracking.

Rob Madore, senior vice president of customer operations and facilities for TelePacific, said Network Monitor can help customers to not only be  proactive in managing current usage but also strategic in planning for the future needs.

TelePacific’s indirect sales partners also can access the tool on behalf of their customers, and a multitenant dashboard for partners is in development and expected to be available in about six months, Madore said.

TelePacific also plans to add additional network monitoring components, Madore said, noting that a packet inspection tool for LAN/WAN traffic is planned to be integrated by fourth quarter.

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