Business Users Finally Get Microsoft Office for iPhone

Rumored off and on for a couple of years, a version of Microsoft Office for the iPhone has finally launched in the Apple App store but there’s a catch (actually, more than one).

First, you’ll need a subscription to Office 365 ($100 per year or $10 per month). Second, there’s no version customized for the iPad.

The app lets you view, edit and create Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. It also lets you view and edit PowerPoints, but you can’t create one from scratch. You can make any of the formatting changes that you would normally make on a PC, USA Today pointed out. Files are saved in the cloud or on SkyDrive. There are additional tools that help make Office more navigable on a small screen, Microsoft said.

This is the first time that a mobile version of Office has been made available on one of Microsoft’s rival’s platforms.

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