iPhone 5S Release Might Be Ho-Hum

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It won’t come as a big surprise to anyone who’s been following the run-up to the release of Apple’s iPhone 5S later this year, but there’s more evidence tonight that it will look pretty much exactly like last year’s iPhone 5.

Will the iPhone 5S look just like this, last year's iPhone 5? The Magic 8-Ball says signs point to yes.When word broke that Apple’s next smartphone hardware update would be dubbed the 5S, most industry watchers assumed that, like the 4S was to the 4, it wouldn’t look dramatically different from its predecessor. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed that, indeed, it will “look a lot like the current [model].”

Apple has been accused of a lack of innovation in the last couple of years, frustrating enough for one developer leading up to the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference to tell the Journal that “Apple’s going through growing pains in a more complex data world,” and comparing the computer giant to its biggest rival: “Google is a juggernaut and has a different culture.”

Apple increased the screen size of its iPhone for the first time in 2012, going from 3.3 inches to four inches, but that’s still quite a bit smaller than Android phones from Samsung and others that are 4.5 inches and larger.

All is not lost for fans looking for something fresh in Apple’s mobile portfolio in 2013. After enhancements to iOS 7 the company’s mobile operating system were announced on Monday, Yankee Group said Apple truly “is innovating.” iOS 7, coming soon to an iPhone near you, features a slicker user interface and adds more multitasking capabilities.

As for when you’ll see a new iPhone, the best bet at this point is September, a year after the company’s last hardware release.

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