BullsEye Launches Broadband Aggregation Solution

Reseller BullsEye Telecom Inc. announced Monday the launch of BullsEye Synergy, a new broadband aggregation solution that combines any providers broadband connection — no matter the type or speed — and delivers it through a single virtual high-speed connection.

“You can purchase two separate broadband lines and they would certainly increase your available bandwidth. The problem is you never get the full potential with them coming in through separate pipes,” explained Charlie Aldis, BullsEyes director of product management and strategy. “When you plug these circuits into the Synergy box, they are aggregated as a single pipe and the bandwidth is optimized. You always get the fastest upload and download speeds and the best call quality.”

Unlike bonding that combines similar circuits types, such as DSL to DSL or T1 to T1, BullsEye Synergy is circuit-agnostic and can combine up to eight different circuit types.

BullsEye said the new service is designed to tackle common customer complaints about the cost of bandwidth, circuit failures, slow speeds and low quality of service.

Every company we talk to is increasing or plans to increase bandwidth speeds. BullsEye Synergy provides speed, flexibility, redundancy, a quick return on investment (ROI) and significantly lowers operating expenses,” said Tim Basa, BullsEye’s Vice President of Sales.  Instead of bearing the cost to increase the number of lines at one location that may have high usage demands,we can now combine the bandwidth from other circuits to support these increased demands.”

In addition, it enables companies to use fail-over circuits to boost bandwidth. Many companies have a secondary broadband circuit they are paying for that has the sole purpose of handling an outage,” said Aldis, noting that with Synergy, customer can plug the unused bandwidth into the Synergy box and use it immediately while at the same time increasing speeds and voice quality.

BullsEye Telecom is a single source for  voice, data, digital voice, cellular, hosted IP, network security, unified communications and cloud-based managed services from multiple provider. It offers dedicated account management and consolidated billing.

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