AT&T, Not Just T-Mobile, Poised to Get Nokia Lumia 925

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When Nokia officially unveiled its bombastic new flagship Windows phone the Lumia 925 at an event in London last month, it was widely reported that T-Mobile would be the exclusive carrier in the U.S. The question now is, for how long? Some wonder if it will be an exclusive at all.

That’s because, as Nokia Power User noted by perusing the Nokia Developer website, the Lumia 925 is compatible with AT&T’s LTE band and is undergoing some testing with Ma Bell. Interestingly, AT&T previously has been the exclusive carrier of Lumia flagships the last two years.

Nokia Lumia 925The 925 aimed at both business users and the general consumer is expected to be the best Windows phone yet, offering a 4.5-inch touchscreen; 1GB of RAM; 16GB of internal memory; and a 1.5GHz, dual-core processor. But it might be most highly regarded for its 8.7MP rear-facing camera featuring PureView, which the Finland-based manufacturer says features the most advanced lens technology and next-gen imaging software on the market today.

The 925 has a metal shell, rather than the traditional polycarbonate, and is expected to be priced somewhere between $400 and $500 without a subsidy; T-Mobile earlier this spring did away with two-year contracts.

There’s no official release date just yet, but the phone is expected to land with T-Mobile sometime in July. European carriers should get it a few weeks earlier.

Nokia, once the global leader in mobile-device manufacturing, was left behind a few years ago by Apple and a handful of Android vendors who embraced the smartphone revolution sooner. But thanks to its partnership with Microsoft and the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant’s Windows Phone operating system, Nokia is trying to make a comeback. 

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