AT&T Gets Contract Done with Wireline Workers in Connecticut

Wireline workers in Connecticut have voted to ratify a new, four-year contract with their employer, AT&T.

This marks a milestone for the carrier, as the Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 1, which represents 3,000 workers in the Constitution State, is the final wireline bargaining unit to reach an agreement among the seven that had contracts expiring in 2012 and early 2013.

Previous deals involving workers in other parts of the country have been ratified at various times over the past 10 months. The agreements cover about 80,000 CWA-represented employees.

In addition, AT&T Midwest and AT&T National wireline employees represented by IBEW System Council T-3 on May 7, 2013, ratified a four-year contract covering nearly 6,500 wireline employees primarily in Illinois and northwestern Indiana.

AT&T and other carriers have become increasingly at odds with unions representing landline workers because they are shifting resources to the more profitable, wireless side of the business. That’s often meant smaller wage increases and requirements in the contracts that require employees to contribute more toward their health-care premiums.

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