AT&T’s Nokia Lumia Tablet, EOS Phone Might Come Next Month

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July could be a big month for Nokia and its line of Lumia devices.

The Finland-based manufacturer’s first Windows-based tablet PC is undergoing testing with AT&T, sources tell Nokia Power User. The long-anticipated device will create an interesting rivalry between the Lumia and the Surface Microsoft’s Windows tablet considering the two companies are partners.

The tablet announcement, expected to come next month, might be side by side with a new Lumia smartphone, known for a camera that will cause photo lovers’ eyes to bug out. The phone, known by the testing name "EOS," or "Elvis" at AT&T, is said to be the first Windows Phone with a 41MP camera, WP Central reports.

Other speculated specs include 32GB of storage; FM radio; and a polycarbonate body that’s about 1mm thinner than the Lumia 920. The tech site expects the phone will eventually come to many U.S. carriers, but AT&T will likely be the first to get its hands on it.

Nokia, once the global leader in mobile phones, got left behind when the smartphone revolution began a few years ago. The company hopes its partnership with Microsoft can help return it to prominence, or, for starters, solidify a third-place standing behind Samsung and Apple.

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