Bill Shock: Children Rack Up App Purchases

**Editor’s Note: Click here to read about some of the most egregious cases of bill shock of all-time.**

You might think twice the next time you hand your smartphone or tablet over to your little one.

A recent study by Windows Phone UK found that more than one quarter of parents are impacted by app purchases their kids made without their permission. In fact, the study revealed that parents have spent £30 million (US $46 million) on these unauthorized apps, Female First reported.

Eight year olds are the biggest perpetrators, downloading £59 (US $90) worth of apps per device. The average parent is spending an extra £34 ($52) on their monthly bills due to their kids’ unsupervised activity.

Our research reveals parents are worried about the impact of app and in-app purchases on their bills and we understand the stress this can cause,” said Brett Siddons, head of consumer marketing for Windows Phone UK, in a news release. “With technology becoming more and more intuitive, its important that parents can trust in the technology they use and feel as safe as possible when handing over their smartphone and tablet devices to their children.”

The Windows Phone research also showed that children spend about three hours per week on tablets and smartphones. One of every 10 parents surveyed gives their kids access to whatever they like on the devices, whenever they want. That spells trouble, particularly considering kids are almost always more tech-savvy than their parents are.

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