Involuntary IT Managers Look to Cloud, Study Finds

Small businesses are losing more than billions of dollars every year by putting nontechnical employees in charge of their IT solutions, according to a new study that also found these “involuntary IT managers” think cloud solutions may alleviate some of the burden.

The study, conducted by AMI Partners for Microsoft Corp., found that 3.8 million small businesses task non-technical employees to manage communications and IT. While they spend about $83 billion on these services, they lose about $24 billion because involuntary IT managers are not focused on primary tasks.

On average, these involuntary IT managers  lose six hours per week, or around 300 hours per year, of business productivity while managing IT, according to AMI-Partners. Thirty percent of all surveyed nontechnical IT managers feel that IT management is a nuisance, 26 percent indicated they do not feel qualified to manage IT and six in 10 want to simplify their companys technology solutions to alleviate the difficulty of managing IT day-to-day.

Andy Bose, founder, chairman and CEO at AMI Partners,  said “these companies can potentially leverage cloud services to alleviate the need for day-to-day in-house IT support with positive impact on their business productivity.”

Indeed, the survey found that involuntary IT managers are showing an interest in leveraging the cloud during the next 12 months to manage their IT needs. Among those survey, 33 percent are likely to shift more IT spending toward hosted or cloud solutions and 36 percent are interested in a productivity and collaboration suite.

That said, their top concerns about  deploying cloud solutions included security and privacy (66 percent), reliability (61 percent), integrating with existing IT investments (53 percent) and limited features (46 percent).

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