More Than 133,000 Push Verizon to Drop Contracts

Customers seem to be taking a liking to T-Mobile‘s new contractless approach to wireless and many don’t even subscribe to services from America’s fourth-largest mobile operator.

It’s Verizon Wireless customers that are making themselves heard; more than 133,000 people claiming to be VzW subscribers had signed an online petition on as of 4:30 p.m. ET on Monday.

When asked about T-Mobile’s new no-contract approach a month ago, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said that it would be interesting to watch and that he would open to considering it if customers demanded it. So Mike Beauchamp of Wichita, Kan., who says he’s a Big Red subscriber, started an e-petition to show McAdam that the interest is there.

"Sign this petition to tell Verizon to end carrier contracts and create an affordable way for consumers to purchase their devices," Beauchamp wrote in the petition. "If you’re a current customer, you don’t have to switch carriers or have plans to switch carriers. I’ve been a long-time Verizon customer and I don’t see myself ever leaving; but I want that choice myself; I don’t want them making it for me and imposing stiff penalties if I do decide to leave. "

T-Mobile now asks to customers to pay full price for devices with an optional monthly payment plan in exchange for signing a two-year contract. The non-subsidized approach is one that many low-cost carriers implemented years ago. Monthly prepaid charges are typically lower than on postpaid (contract) plans.

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