Integra Institutes New, ‘More Flexible’ Partner Agreements

Competitive services provider Integra has made good on its plan to institute new partner agreements.

The company alluded to the changes in February but did not reveal details until Thursday.

The contracts come with tiered commitment levels that feature commission structures and benefits that increase alongside higher commitments. Those benefits include sales tools for accessing network information, product pricing and proposal generation. Tom Weaver, Integra’s new vice president of the indirect channel, called the new contracts “more flexible.”

Integra continues to look for ways to enhance our agents experience, to help them realize their business goals and remain an easy partner for them to do business with,” Weaver said.

The terms have been introduced as Integra expands, putting greater focus on enterprise sales. The company is adding more complex services and wants to attract more IT-focused partners, while also helping its more traditional but forward-thinking agents bolster their business models.

“I do think there’s a subsegment of partners that we … have not historically done as much business with and that we want to target,” Weaver told Channel Partners in February.  


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