AOTMP Publishes Directory of Efficient Telecom Vendors

AOTMP recently published its Efficiency First Vendor Directory, a targeted collection of vendors offering solutions that enable enterprises to drive efficiencies within their telecommunications environments.

Located at, the directory provides enterprises with a one-stop resource to research, compare, contrast and contact telecommunications vendors in five vendor categories: Telecom Expense Management/Wireless Mobility Management, Carriers/Operators, Software, Equipment/Devices, Systems Integrators/VARs.

The Efficiency First Vendor Directory is founded on AOTMP’s Efficiency First Framework, a disciplined, best practice-driven approach to managing fixed and mobile telecommunications environments. Its core components include:

  • Focus people, process, technology, services and costs
  • Model Defines corporate stakeholders, business management disciples and targeted activities
  • Activities Road-maps a predetermined and continual progression of activities
  • Performance  Establishes standard measures of efficiency

“We are thrilled to launch Efficiency First Vendor Directory,” said CEO Tim Lybrook. “Vendor performance directly affects enterprise efficiency as measured within the Efficiency First Framework.”

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