Verizon, AT&T, Others Prep for Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date

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One of the most perhaps the most  hotly anticipated smartphone releases of the year not from Apple is ready for its debut on all major U.S. carriers.

Samsung‘s Galaxy S4, the follow-up to its globally best-selling S3, will make its debut this month. Verizon Wireless just became the last of the Big Four to lower the price of the S3 to under $100 in anticipation of the S4 announcement.

T-Mobile is the first of the carriers to go public with a release date May 1. It’s expected that AT&T will offer the device as early as April 19. Ma Bell said it would start taking pre-orders on April 16.

The Galaxy S4 comes with 16 GB of storage, has one of the fastest processors ever on a smartphone, and runs on Android 4.2.2. It also has a five-inch screen. But what everyone is talking about is the feature that tracks your eye movements and scrolls the screen accordingly.

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