T-Mobile Customers Most Likely to Switch, Verizon Least

A new report paints a dismal picture for mobile operators and handset manufacturers that are trying to hang on to their customers.

Researcher Phoenix Marketing International found that more than one-third of wireless customers intend to switch service providers sometime in the next year, and nearly two-thirds will ditch their current device for one from another manufacturer.

Of those that are considered promoters (highly likely to recommend a brand), 24 percent are still planning to switch service providers, nearly half (49 percent) will change their device brand, 36 percent will switch device operating systems, and 26 percent will buy their device at a different location. Surprisingly, 40 percent of those that are classified as service-providers detractors” (would not recommend their provider) report that they will continue to use the same provider at the time of their next purchase.

Among the big four U.S. carriers, T-Mobile customers said they were most likely to switch providers; Verizon customers were the least likely. Keep in mind, however, that a lot has changed for T-Mobile since this poll was taken. America’s fourth-largest carrier recently announced it will offer the iPhone for the first time it goes on sale Friday.

Those who own handsets from HTC, LG and Motorola appear to have little loyalty to their products. Even 70 percent of Samsung owners said they would consider dumping the Korea-based giant. iPhone owners, however, appear to be fairly loyal. Only a little more than a quarter said they would dump Apple for another manufacturer.

By analyzing this data in conjunction with real behavioral data we have uncovered some very surprising and powerful insights,” said John Schiela, president of Phoenixs converged technology and media practice. For example, while Huawei users have one of the initial lowest satisfaction rates with their self-identified most important phone feature, they have one of the highest growth rates of actual loyalty as measured by repeat purchase.”

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