iAreaNet Offers New Data Center Space in New Jersey

iAreaNet has unveiled a high availability, carrier-neutral colocation site within Open Data Centers’ Piscataway, N.J. facility.

iAreaNet, which specializes in providing cloud-based office tools to small businesses, says making the transformation to the cloud is critical for enterprise and SMBs alike.

“When you’re delivering mission-critical communications and applications from the cloud, as we do, and when your VARs and agents are staking their reputation on those services, one of the absolute bedrock requirements is ensuring iron-clad reliability,” said James DeCrescenzo, iAreaNet founder. “We have made significant investments in our infrastructure to provide full physical and data redundancy, including just recently transitioning our East Coast data center from a facility in Brooklyn to a larger location in New Jersey.”

The iAreaOffice infrastructure spans three data centers in separate geographical regions (Georgia, California and New Jersey) to ensure 100 percent uptime. They are connected by private redundant fiber, so if one data center is wiped out, customers will be routed to a secondary live data center, the company said.

The company’s focus on reliability extends beyond ensuring uptime. It’s also the integrity of the data being generated by the use of iAreaOffice. “Housing data in one place offers very little peace of mind for end users and the channel partners that work with them,” said Andrew Campbell, managing partner at iAreaNet. “We have a real differentiator and provide real value in the way that we handle customer data. We have a laser focus on its safety and security, including generating mirror copies of that data, replicated in real time, to be housed in multiple locations.”

The new colocation site in New Jersey is located in a fiber-rich area, and is described by the company as an efficient data-center alternative for carriers, service providers and enterprises to colocate their systems and infrastructure. The facility is staffed 24×7 and has full redundancy, including dual generators, dual UPS systems and N+1 HVAC.

iAreaNet provides businesses, VARs and agents with a solution that leverages the benefits of the cloud service delivery model to deliver an IT communications portfolio that can be combined with data and mobile connectivity. The secure iAreaOffice “office-in-the-cloud” suite includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, and can integrate other software to be delivered as a service, such as QuickBooks, Saga, Amicus, Fireworks or Dreamweaver. iAreaNet’s programmers can also develop and deliver CRM and custom applications, all hosted on iAreaNet’s redundant servers.

iAreaNet also recently beefed up its already robust redundancy profile with the addition of a new switch in Atlanta, and has added the iAreaNet Disaster Prevention offering to its portfolio, which provides businesses with a live disaster prevention solution with no rebuild time. It can be set up and operational in 24 to 48 hours.

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