Pricey Sony Xperia ZL: The Next iPhone Killer? Probably Not

Sony’s new smartphone, the Xperia ZL, is now available online for pre-sale at the Sony Store and will soon be available through other online retailers.

Aimed at both the general consumer and the business user, the Xperia ZL is descibed as the “world’s most compact smartphone” with a 5-inch display and a stunning 13MP camera. The phone’s rounded edges are advertised to fit naturally into the palm of your hand and the power button has high functionality. The smartphone’s Reality Display “delivers an immersive viewing experience with optimized colors, contrast, and clarity,” Sony said.

Sony says its one-touch functions allow consumers to easily share music, photos, and videos from their smartphone to other NFC-enabled Sony devices, including speakers, headphones and TVs. Xperia ZL also includes Battery STAMINA mode that’s designed to significantly improve the battery standby time by automatically shutting down battery-draining apps whenever the screen is off and starting them up again when the screen is back on. The new smartphone also utilizes Sony’s media applications that provide new ways to enjoy and share content.

The powerful ZL runs on Android 4.1, has a 1.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. It will set you back $720 without a carrier subsidy $760 for the LTE version. The lofty price tag might be worth it for this super-device, but might struggle to get attention in the short run. 

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