PAETEC’s Chapman Leading Channel-Focused Cloud Company

Former PAETEC executive John Chapman is now leading a three-year-old cloud venture, InfoPreserve, and introducing it to the indirect sales channel.

InfoPreserve, which offers cloud-based document management, was founded by two serial entrepreneurs: Eric Leinberg and Clive Daunton, who now serve as president and vice president of product development, respectively. Chapman, who was a member of the company’s board, joined as CEO in June 2012.

“They had a great concept and some technology (i.e. patents) and we were ready for the next phase,” Chapman said.

Chapman was brought in to fast-track the commercialization of the offering (product development and corresponding roadmap), sales and marketing (distribution) and overall management based on his past experience running software companies. 

Chapman spent nearly 10 years as senior vice president of PAETEC Software, which included the Pinnacle and Iperia brands. At the same time, he also was senior vice president of marketing and product development. In 2010, he was promoted to chief marketing officer.

“The work done at Pinnacle and Iperia was extremely beneficial [to my role at InfoPreserve] since it was a [software-as-a-service] model, and we were making several changes to grow the business at a faster pace, which included enhancing the portfolio, service delivery models as well as professional services,” he said.

Following PAETEC’s acquisition by Windstream in December 2011, Chapman stayed on until spring 2012 assisting with the integration and the sale of one of PAETEC’s software businesses.

At InfoPreserve, Chapman is excited about his “ability to have a quick impact on the emerging software company in a growing space with lots of opportunity to grow the product portfolio and sales distribution model.”

Chapman was charged with introducing InfoPreserve to the indirect sales channel. The company now has a traditional agent program as well as resale and white-label programs.

InfoPreserve’s cloud-based document management service is sold as a monthly subscription and requires no upfront capital or associated management fees. The service requires limited IT resources and can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

“This plays well where customers are still using shared network drives, FTP devices, thumb drives or have existing expensive license arrangements to manage and share information,” Chapman said.

InfoPreserve is targeting SMB decision makers in records management, finance and IT as well as key verticals, such as finance, health care and professional services.

“We believe there is a large opportunity for document management via a private cloud and, depending on the arrangement, it can be sold as a standalone offering or bundled with an existing offering,” he said.


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