iPhone 5S: Unexpected Feature Could Lift Sales, Push iPhone 6 to 2014

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Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhone 5S and iPad 5 six years to the date after the release of the first iPhone. The Silicon Valley giant will make the unveilings at an event on June 29, sources tell Gizmorati.

An analyst says the iPhone 5S will arrive with a “killer” feature that could be part of iOS 7, the upcoming update to Apple’s mobile operating system, according to a GottaBe Mobile article. Since most insiders expect the iPhone 5S (if that’s indeed what the new hardware is called) design to have minimal updates, the rumored iOS 7 feature would be the star of the show.

According to Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, this mystery iOS 7 feature will not only be applicable to the new phone, but also the iPhone 5 and 4S via update.

So what about the rumors about multiple iPhone releases in 2013? Morgan Stanley predicts the new “killer” feature will have to tide Apple fans over until 2014 when the iPhone 6 makes its debut.

This news comes as Apple tries to keep its innovative edge, one that many say the company has lost as Samsung and others release new smartphones with their own remarkable technological advances.

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