AT&T Blows Past Verizon in 4G LTE Speed Tests

What a difference a year makes.

A year ago at this time, AT&T was still in the early stages of rolling out its LTE network; now, it can claim to be the fastest, at least according to one study.

RootMetrics evaluated the performance of all four major carriers in 77 markets across the U.S. While AT&T only covered 47 of those regions with its LTE network, RootMetrics determined it to be the fastest. Verizon, which launched its first LTE cities several months before AT&T got on the 4G train, had a presence in all 77 of the markets, but AT&T says it has expanded to all but five of the cities in the report since the study was conducted.

RootMetrics, the Bellevue, Wash.-based company that specializes in wireless coverage mapping, said Sprint which rolled out LTE for the first time only a few months ago was only available in five of the markets. While Sprint’s LTE network proved to be slower than its bigger rivals, it was faster than anticipated, the report said.

T-Mobile is just getting started with LTE, but can stake its claim as fastest non-LTE network, according to RootMetrics. The Magenta Network’s HSPA+ proved to be faster than those non-LTE networks its competition offers.

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