Huawei Adds BYOD, Disaster Response Products to Portfolio

China-based Huawei, which sells to enterprises in North America through the channel, has added BYOD and eLTE broadband trunking to its portfolio.

Huawei said late last week that its new BYOD technology lets employees use their personal smartphones and tablets to securely access the corporate network. The company built its BYOD platform on AnyOffice, so it supports a variety of mobile devices and uses multiple authentication modes for access. It also runs on WAN and LTE technologies, features mobile device management functions and offers mobile apps such as virtual desktop infrastructure, mobile conferencing and secure browser.

Huawei also announced last week the launch of its 100MBps broadband trunking service based on LTE for business continuity and disaster response. The eLTE product targets vertical industries including government, transportation, and oil and mining, and provides voice trunking, video dispatch and surveillance, and location services. The company said users will improve operations and emergency response rates because it is designed for harsh environments. Voice delay is less than 300 milliseconds, Huawei said, and push-to-talk takes less than 150 milliseconds. Huawei eLTE broadband trunking supports frequency bands including 400MHz, 800MHz, 1.4GHz and 1.8GHz, as well as a variety of network sizes, the company said.

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