BYOD: Risks for Employees, Not Just Their Companies

A new study finds that half of companies have lost a device with important data, resulting in security implications for more than one-fifth of organizations.

In addition to these findings by Varonis, the study also shows that 57 percent of employees believe using a personal device for work could pose a security risk to them personally through potential leakage and misuse of confidential health and personal information. Eighty-six percent of the workforce claim to be obsessed with their devices and use them for work all day and night. Fifteen percent take their devices on vacation and 7 percent claim that their work and home lives are on a device.

The fact that most people enjoy to work remotely will most likely have an impact on breaches and data leakages. Half of respondents stated that someone within their company has lost a device with important company data on it and more than 20 percent admitted that a lost device had created a security implication for their company.

Being connected to work around the clock appears to be accepted as the new normal,” said David Gibson, vice president of strategy at Varonis.

Gibson suggests that while organizations are capturing the many benefits of BYOD, companies must protect themselves by developing a BYOD policy that lets people know what is and isn’t allowed, making sure controls are appropriate to the risks and watching for signs of impaired productivity or health.

“Only by limiting the potential damage both to organizations and employees  can organizations make the most of a trend that will continue to leap forward, whether businesses allow it to or not,” he said.

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