Pentagon To Implement New BYOD Plan

The Pentagon plans to enable the Defense Department’s mobile devices to quickly share classified and protected data.

The Defense Department has more than 600,000 mobile-device users. A new BYOD plan aims to secure technologies used by the military, while keeping the Defense Department “device agnostic,” according to Major General Robert Wheeler, a Defense Department deputy chief information officer. This will be a step toward implementing the mobility strategy released by the Pentagon last year.

BYOD programs have become big business in American businesses. According to Yankee Groups IT decision-maker survey, respondents claimed that an average of 41 percent of employees in their companies were using smartphones that they paid for,” noted Carl Howe, research vice president at Yankee Group, commenting specifically on a Reuters article. ”Clearly the Pentagon will need to enforce security policies on employee-purchased devices, but if businesses are profiting from BYOD programs, we shouldnt be surprised to see the Pentagon following suit.”


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