Salestream Software Upgrades MasterStream-UNITY Document Manager

Salestream Software
(Booth 6037) has released what it calls a major enhancement to the Document Manager feature of MasterStream-UNITY, its hosted automation system for telecom agents and providers.

Salestream says the Document Manager feature in MasterStream can instantly generate signature-ready order documents for the customer, dynamically pre-populated with data from MasterStreams RFQ process. Until now, the output format was exclusively in a non-editable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

The new enhanced Document Manager offers customers the ability to output order documents as pre-populated Excel (.xlsx) files that can remain editable by the user. This new capability also allows MasterStream-UNITY customers to define protected content so customers cant edit anything they shouldnt.

We expect this enhancement to the Document Manager to greatly improve its appeal and accelerate its utilization among MasterStreams existing and prospective customer base,” said Jeff Fraser, president of Salestream Software.

Order-document preparation in telecom adds cost and consumes considerable time and resources for agents, providers, and end-users alike, something Salestream says MasterStream can help solve via this improved Document Manager feature.

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