Ting Touts Wireless Plans That Save Businesses Hundreds Each Year

CHANNEL PARTNERS Wireless provider Ting (Booth 2022) says a recent study by research firm Validas proves that its service saves end-users in the United States businesses and consumers alike up to hundreds of dollars per year per line.

Ting runs on the Sprint network; the company is a division of Tucows, a Canada-headquartered wholesale supplier of domain names, business email and other Internet services to channel partners worldwide.

Validas said businesses with one to five users save almost $161 per line with Ting, while the six to 10 group saves about $150 per line each year. Accounts with 21-50 lines can save almost $637 per line each year with the provider, Validas said.

The savings come from “pay for what you use” plans rather than fixed pricing, Ting said.

Meantime, the annual per-line savings go down after the 21-50 mark but remain substantial. For example, Validas found that companies with 51-100 users would save around $579 per line annually; 101-500 users, about $469; and more than 500, around $381.

For partners, this translates into commissions of up to 10 percent of revenue. Payments are recurring for the life of the customer. End users may bring their Sprint devices to the Ting network, and chose from used and refurbished devices, as well. Ting calls its approach a “high-volume opportunity” for resellers. Ting does not support end-users directly. Instead, it trains its partners on support so they handle customer inquiries and fixes.

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