The Telephone Connection Goes With No Quotas for Agents

CHANNEL PARTNERS The Telephone Connection (Booth 8009) has launched its no quotas” program.

The Telephone Connection of Los Angeles Inc., and its wholly owned CLEC subsidiary, The Telephone Connection Local Services LLC (TTC”) also said there are other new promotions in celebration of the companys 25th birthday.

“The ‘No Quotas’ Agent Program is part of the TTC philosophy,” said Marc OKrent, president and CEO of TTC. We believe agents should be rewarded for what they produce, and what were interested in is quality customer relationships that arent derived out of forced needs on the part of the agent. By not pressuring the agents to produce at any cost to meet a made-up number, we find we get better deals, happier agents, and most importantly, more satisfied end-users.” 

To that end, No Quotas” provides perpetual residuals to agents.

“As long as the customer is paying, were paying the agent who did the deal,” said OKrent.

TTC also announced some new incentives at this weeks Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas:

  • 10 POTS lines for $199 w/unlimited calling in the lower 48 states and Canada
  • $199 PRI with .03 per minute usage, and a new unlimited $45.00/month per channel, five-channel minimum for unlimited calling in the lower 48 and Canada
  • SIP trunking special pricing of 10 trunks for $150 or 5 trunks for $75.00 with unlimited calling in the lower 48 states and Canada.

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