Lightyear Wants Agents to ‘Drive’ Away With New Business

CHANNEL PARTNERS Lightyear Network Solutions (Booth 6026) has announced its latest agent incentive promotion.

From today through May 4, start bringing in new business and you’ll earn allowances toward a new Mercedes or other high-end car of your choice.

The program contains three levels. So, at Level One, show $20,000 in billing and earn a $500 in car allowance money. The amounts increase for Level 2 and Level 3 $35,000 in billing and $875 in allowance, and $50,000 in billing and $1,250 in allowance, respectively.

Individual case basis sales, such as those with special pricing or commissions, may not qualify. All of the new business must be maintained for agents to continue receiving payment, Lightyear said.

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