ANPI Unveils New Managed SIP Trunking Solution

ANPI today announced the new managed ANPI SIP Trunking solution, to be available March 1, with calling plans designed to meet the needs of any size business. In addition to unlimited and metered long-distance options, ANPI SIP Trunking customers will enjoy low-priced packages that include unlimited international calling to more than 35 countries and enhanced DIDs with CNAM for both inbound and outbound calling, E911 and a directory listing.

According to ANPI, their SIP trunking solution is a managed service offering improved quality of service and voice calling over that of simple VoIP calls. Through the use of an ANPI supplied Internet Access Device (IAD), customers will benefit from proactive monitoring by the ANPI support organization and the elimination of SIP interoperability issues. ANPI SIP Trunking can be configured to work with any existing phone system including key systems, legacy PBXs or VoIP/SIP-enabled IP PBXs.

Customers can use their existing broadband connections or take advantage of ANPI managed broadband services with notable SLAs, security options and lower cost of ownership. Moreover, with the ANPI provided IAD, customers can access ANPI SIP Trunking using native SIP, analog lines, T1 PRIs or T1 CAS circuits.

“The ANPI SIP Trunking solution reduces the cost of communications for any business, irrespective of size, and can be customized to support any existing phone system be it IP or TDM in nature,” stated Dave Lewis, CEO of ANPI. “Moreover, because this is a managed service, businesses can be secure in the knowledge that service quality is engineered into the offering, and that their applications will be proactively monitored.”

ANPI SIP Trunking is a flexible voice-only or voice and data converged solution with feature options such as toll-free numbers, global discounted international rates, load balancing between SIP trunks and business continuity to address service interruptions or disasters. It is customizable to fit the individual requirements of SMBs and enterprises. MPLS options are available for businesses that require multisite trunks.

ANPI SIP Trunking will be sold by any member of the ANPI Partner Program (APP).

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