Motorola Atrix HD Smokes iPhone 5 in Customer Satisfaction

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A recent survey of more than 300,000 mobile and tablet users in six countries shows that the iPhone 5 ranks lower than four Android-powered devices in customer satisfaction.

U.S. mobile users reported a satisfaction score of 8.57 with their Motorola Atrix compared to just 8.23 for the iPhone 5, according to an OnDevice study. The Motorola Droid Razr M, HTC Rezound 4G and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 all ranked higher than the iPhone as well, with ratings of of 8.5, 8.32 and 8.26, respectively.

The study also shows that the top five devices for satisfaction in the U.S. are 4G-capable, and users with a 4G subscription reported a higher device satisfaction than those with no 4G subscription. In the U.K., where there is only one 4G network operator, the iPhone 5 ranks second in user satisfaction behind the HTC One X.

While still the biggest seller worldwide, the iPhone faces increased competition from the likes of Samsung the globe’s top manufacturer in terms of sales HTC, Motorola and others.

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