Comcast Business Becomes World’s First Carrier Ethernet 2.0-Certified Provider

Channel partners pitching Comcast Business Services now can use the company’s new Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification as a selling point to customers such as health care facilities, banks and other organizations connecting to data centers.

Comcast said it is the first provider in the world to earn the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) designation for its E-Line and E-LAN services. The certification verifies a provider’s classes of service, and service manageability and interoperability.

A milestone was reached this year when for the first time Carrier Ethernet services share of bandwidth exceeded the sum total of all legacy telecom services across the world, with Frost & Sullivan, Vertical Systems and Infonetics predicting a near $48 billion services market by 2015," said Nan Chen, president of the MEF. "We are therefore very pleased to see that Comcast has achieved the latest milestone in our industry becoming the first CE 2.0 Service Provider."

Comcast underwent extensive compliance testing by Iometrix, the MEF’s test lab. As a result, Comcast’s business Ethernet private line, business Ethernet virtual private line and business Ethernet network service all earned certification. The provider said its equipment suppliers all are Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified as well.

"This certification underscores our commitment to being a technology and standards leader in the Ethernet ecosystem to improve the quality, management and interoperability of Ethernet services for our customers," said Mike Tighe, executive director of data services at Comcast Business Services, in a prepared statement.

Comcast Business Services also was the first provider to achieve Carrier Ethernet 1.0 certifications and has served on the MEF’s board of directors since 2008.

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