Nokia Lumia Tablet Likely Pending

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It’s been widely assumed that Nokia would roll out a tablet PC eventually, but business users and consumers who have taken a liking to the Lumia 920 and other smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform might get their hands on a tablet to rival Apple’s iPad sooner than later.

In an event introducing the Lumia 620 smartphone in Pakistan this week, Sense Applied snapped some pictures of an image appearing on screen that looks a lot like a potential tablet from the Finland-based manufacturer. You can see Windows 8’s signature “live tiles,” TechRadar noted, in addition to other physical features for which Nokia devices are known seemingly setting it apart from Microsoft’s Surface.

Before it rolls out a tablet, Nokia might want to re-establish itself in the mobile-phone race. Once the world leader in handsets, Nokia fell way behind Apple and a number of Android manufacturers when the smartphone revolution began a few years ago. The first goal might be taking on BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola and others for third place behind Apple and Samsung.

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