CenturyLink, Windstream, AT&T Accused of DSL Patent Infringement

Some of the biggest names in telecommunications are at the center of a patent-infringement lawsuit filed by a Bellevue, Wash.-based technology development lab.

Intellectual Ventures (IV) filed its suit in a federal court in Texas, claiming that Windstream, AT&T and CenturyLink are all violating some of IV’s patents for DSL Internet technology. This is just the latest filing in a series of suits brought forth by the company, which is run by former Microsoft exec Nathan Myhrvold, according to Geek Wire. The company filed lawsuits last year that go after Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T for wireless-technology patent infringement as well.

IV posted on its website that Windstream, CenturyLink and AT&T “are infringing IV patents that cover fundamental and important aspects of DSL technology and services. While our primary objective is to enter license agreements, we will enforce our rights when necessary.”

No official response yet in courtfrom any of the carriers mentioned in the suit.

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