Birch Offers Payment Program for Businesses With Credit Problems

CLEC Birch Communications now offers a payment program for businesses with poor or no credit.

Birch Payment Plus is available to potential customers who undergo credit checks and end up not meeting Birch’s requirements. Such circumstances often arise when a company is new and has no established track record, or when a business has a sketchy payment history.

Under Payment Plus, these organizations pay a small, up-front fee, Birch said, and sign up for automatic monthly payments via credit card. After six months of good payment history, Birch switches the company over to regular account status.

We understand how challenging it is to start a new business or how easily unexpected difficulties can overwhelm even the most financially responsible businesses,” said Vincent M. Oddo, president and CEO of Birch, in a prepared statement. Our new program, Birch Payment Plus, helps new businesses that have yet to establish a credit history as well as businesses with past credit problems obtain the required communications and managed services they need and at the same time it will help them start building their credit history.”

No minimum credit score is required for Birch Payment Plus. Birch sells IP telecom and managed services to SMBs through agents.

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