Apple iPhone 4S Spontaneously Combusts

A New York woman whose iPhone 4S spontaneously caught fire says Apple won’t replace the smartphone, which was destroyed.

Shibani Bhujle left her iPhone on her coffee table when suddenly the phone’s power went off and she began to smell fumes, according to a Venture Beat article.

After Bhujle noticed something was wrong, she tried to turn her phone on but to no avail. The iPhone was extremely hot as she tried to remove the battery, she said. When Bhujle finally opened her phone, she noticed that the battery was melting and oozing liquid.

While opening the back of her iPhone may not have been the best idea, Bhujle wanted to prevent her phone from catching on fire.

If I was not present around my iPhone when this incident occurred, it had the potential to cause serious property damage and became a serious bodily hazard,” Bhujle said in the article.

While Bhujle’s case is extremely rare, this is not the first time a smartphone has spontaneously combusted. And although she does not seem to be at fault for her phone’s rare behavior, Bhujle says Apple will not repair or replace her phone.

This is a product defect with the battery that Apple is refusing to acknowledge and trying to hide as of now, they have brushed this under the carpet and left it at that. I am in disbelief that they have not even offered a replacement device when it is a manufacturing issue,” she said.

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