Phoenix Shooting Victim Owned Fusion Contact Centers

Steve Singer, the man police say was shot and killed by an angry contractor on Wednesday in Phoenix, owned Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Fusion Contact Centers.

Fusion Contact Centers' Steve Singer was shot and killed in a Phoenix office building on Wednesday.Fusion provides outsourced contact-center agents and services for enterprises. While Fusion did not run an indirect channel, Singer and PlanetOne CEO Ted Schuman had known each other for 20 years.

Singer died after a mediation did not go in shooter 70-year-old Arthur Douglas Harmon’s favor. Harmon also shot Mark Hummels, Singer’s lawyer who was overseeing the meeting, in the neck and back. The Arizona Republic reported late Thursday morning that doctors said Hummels would not survive, despite surgery.

Harmon was found shot to death in a Mesa, Ariz., parking lot Thursday morning. Police say it was a suicide.

Harmon insisted Fusion Contact Centers had not paid him in full for contract work performed; Singer and Hummels said Harmon had been paid for work not done.

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