Verizon Rises in Customer-Service Survey as AT&T, T-Mobile Fall

A new customer-service survey shows you’re becoming increasingly satisfied with Verizon and Sprint, but it’s a different story for T-Mobile and AT&T.

The Vocalabs study, based on a poll of 9,195 consumers from July 2009 to December 2012, shows that Verizon experienced a 13-point gain in overall customer satisfaction while AT&T’s call satisfaction dropped six points over the past two years, eWeek reported. The percentage of customers who would buy another Verizon phone if given a chance also increased by six points. The amount of T-Mobile customers surveyed who where “very satisfied” with the service they received in 2012 was 55 percent, a nine-point drop from 2010.

The survey implements call factors in order to reflect common problems in customer-service operations. These factors measure specific aspects of a customer-service call that help form a customer’s opinion of the overall experience. The report stated that T-Mobile customers had more difficulty reaching someone to talk to over the past two years due to more repetitive steps during customer-service calls. AT&T and Sprint customers’ satisfaction were roughly the same and more Verizon customers were able to solve their problem during their call compared to previous years.

Vocalabs interviews customers of competing companies directly after a customer-service call.

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