Telcombrokers Rebrands: Master Agency Gives Itself a Makeover

Southern California-based Telcombrokers has given itself a makeover.

The 15-year-old master agency now goes by Telecom Brokers, has built a new website, moved into a new, 8,000-square-foot office and, above all, expanded its focus to include cloud and hosted services.

“This year … one of our front-and-center initiatives is cloud, with a renewed commitment to enabling agents to successfully incorporate this new way of doing business into their models,” said Nancy Ridge, vice president of Telecom Brokers.

For agents, that means adding cloud and hosted services to their existing business models, not overhauling their entire approach, Ridge said.

“Our goal for agents is to have them see the integration of cloud delivery as part of what they’re already doing, as opposed to seeing it as a new line of business.”

Dominic Antonini, founder and CEO of Telecom Brokers, agreed.

“In the past, only about 20 percent of companies’ tech spending was spent on telecom and services,” he said. “Now that businesses are embracing the cloud, we gain exposure to 65 percent of the budget because companies are now avoiding buying servers and on-premise equipment in favor of having those resources delivered as a service. This significantly opens the market up as far as a percentage of the spend that an agent can capture today.”

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