4.8-Inch iPhone Release Talk Sounds Like Hogwash

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Apple will reportedly launch a 4.8-inch version of its iconic iPhone this June, just one of three new iPhones this year that’s according to the China Times and the Commercial Times, based in Taiwan, who say the largest of the three will be called the “iPhone Math.”

Note that we said “reportedly.” These Asian newspapers often get inside scoops because they have sources that are close to parts manufacturers in that part of the world, but they are wrong just as often if not more often as they are right. And this one appears to be a whopper.

iPhone "Math"? We highly doubt it.It was only last fall when Apple made its first significant design change to the iPhone in five years, increasing its screen size from 3.3 to four inches. The reports coming out of Asia speculate that a 4.8-inch iPhone would help the company better compete with Samsung and other Android manufacturers who have unveiled a slew of “big screen” phones over the past year or two. But isn’t that what the iPhone 5 was designed for? Apple never has (and probably never will) follow step-for-step in its rivals’ footsteps. While Apple trails Samsung in global market share, its iPhone remains the best selling smartphone.

And the “iPhone Math?” The name is probably the most ridiculous part of the story. Even if this craziness turns out to be accurate, one can only imagine “Math” was somehow lost in translation.

This is the just the latest in a bevy of rumors over the past couple of weeks about the next iPhone release. An Apple exec debunked speculation of a less expensive version of the device for emerging markets in the near future, and a handful of analysts lined up to predict a summer debut for one, or perhaps two versions of the handset.

Apple is set to release its fourth-quarter numbers on Wednesday, but don’t expect any comments on potential new products from the historically tight-lipped company.

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