Cisco umi Users Have About 2 Weeks Left Before Service Shuts Down

Cisco umi users have just a little more than two weeks left before their video service ends and their hardware becomes unusable.

Cisco is shutting down the umi after two years of little market adoption. After all, the $600 high-def webcam came with a $25 monthly service fee and sought to compete against Skype and other free Internet video services. The product, launched in late 2010, prompted disbelief among industry pundits who wondered what Cisco was thinking. Ultimately, their skepticism proved accurate. On Jan. 31, Cisco will end its umi service.

“You can continue to use umi service up to 11:59 pm PT on January 31st,” the company writes on its umi webpage. “If you want to save videos you have stored on, you must download them prior to January 31.”

The company then offers a number users can call for information about a hardware recycling program.

Cisco is pulling the plug on the umi following the shut-down of the Flip video camera unit. Thus far, Cisco’s attempts to enter the consumer market have not proven profitable.

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