Survey Says: IT Wages, Hiring on the Rise

Salaries and the pace of hiring for IT professionals are on the upswing. That’s according to the 2013 Salary Survey by Janco Associates and, slated for release next week.

The survey says wages and hiring for IT positions have improved recently in most metro areas in North America.

Salaries are up 1.98 percent for IT pros in the past 12 months and the big winners are CIO[s] especially those in larger enterprises," said Janco CEO Victor Janulaitis. Our study also found that the average tenure for CIOs has moved up to four years, three months from four years, 2 months last [year] at this time.”

The survey shows that average compensation for all IT pros rose from $77,773 in Jan. 2012 to $79,312 in Jan. 2013. That brings overall wage levels back to where they were in early 2008. In midsize enterprises, the average went up from $74,016 to $75,784 over the past year. In large enterprises, the median compensation jumped slightly, from $81,531 to $82,840.

Over the long term, Janco says, IT execs have fared better in midsize companies than in large ones. Salaries hit by the recession have recovered in the midsize businesses, but not all the way yet in the large ones.

CIO compensation has increased in the past 12 months, the survey shows the average base pay is higher and bonuses are about the same as received in the prior year. The average compensation for CIOs in large enterprises is now $182,210 (up 6 percent) and $165,820 (up 1.6 percent) in midsize enterprises.

The survey includes data from 249 large and 785 midsize organizations with anywhere from a single data point to more than 625 for particular respondents.  The data was captured in the last quarter of 2012.

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