Will iPhone 5S Release Date Push Apple’s Market Share Even Higher?

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Apple now holds 53.3 percent of smartphone market share in the United States, thanks in large part to the iPhone 5.

The latest numbers come from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, and raise the question of whether the pending iPhone 5s which some observers predict will come out in June, others say next fall will push Apple’s share even higher.

For now, Apple has surpassed Android-based devices, gaining ground by 35.8 percent over the past year. And adoption looks likely to soar as Christmas and other holidays spur buying. Kantar said it expects the iPhone to see further adoption in December. 

Overall, Android’s market share fell from 52.9 percent a year ago to 41.9 percent, according to Kantar. And sales of the Nokia Windows phone are subdued, Kantar said, but still higher than Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry.


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