Apple’s iPad Spells Trouble for IT Pros

The millions of iPads that are sold this holiday season could spell big trouble for IT managers come Jan. 2.

That’s the date that Acronis the data backup and disaster-recovery solutions provider is calling the “IT cliff.” A record-breaking number of iPads are predicted to make their way into the workplace and onto corporate networks.IT pros might have their hands full when they return to work after the holidays.

A whopping 81 percent of employees use their own devices at work; IT-approved smartphones and tablets make up only a fraction of those in the workforce. But the widespread use of personal devices presents a security risk and potentially puts sensitive company data outside the control of IT, so the coming influx of iPads and other new tablets and smartphones activated next week is going to make life even tougher for the IT pro.

” … the anticipated flood of personal devices in January doesn’t need to spell doom for IT,” said Scott Crenshaw, SVP of strategy and chief marketing officer, Acronis. “In fact, organizations of all sizes have a unique opportunity to control costs and create a more connected, data-driven workplace. Some IT managers feel they are losing control, but with careful device configuration and monitoring policies, simple file access and security solutions, and the right planning, enterprise IT can shake off their fears and focus on the benefits of BYOD.”

Acronis recommends companies adopt mobile device management (MDM) secure access solutions; conduct regular security audits; track device use with a central management tool to ensure compliance; provide simple solutions for file access, sharing and security; and, most importantly, plan for the worst with a comprehensive business continuity plan.

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