Top 10 Wireless Predictions for 2013

In 2013, network providers can expect a few changes involving big data, BYOD practices, LTE and more.

Although data from mobile sensors and applications often challenge network providers, that data can provide insight into customer behavior. In 2013, Juniper Research predicts that networks will experience dramatic consumer data usage, as well as a greater demand for actionable and predictive analytics solutions.

Top 10 Wireless Predictions for 2013

  1. Big Data to Become Big Business
  2. Smart Glasses & Other Wearables: 2013, the year of announcements
  3. BYOD trend on the rise, as security issues escalate
  4. Retail to embrace the in-store mobile strategy
  5. Operators to adopt seamless Wi-Fi & LTE connectivity
  6. Mobile Becomes the Connectivity Hub
  7. The Year of Microsoft
  8. The multiscreen, seamless user experience becomes a reality
  9. New mobile and tablet form factors to emerge
  10. Social Gaming is on the Rise 

For more detail on these predictions, download the report from the Juniper Research website.

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