NFC-Enabled iPhone 5S Due Earlier Than Expected, In Many Colors

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Apple won’t wait a whole year before releasing the next version of its iconic smartphone the iPhone one industry insider is saying.

Look for what many are calling the iPhone 5S not a full-blown redesign, but an improved version of the iPhone 5 in June, shortly after Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, said Peter Misek of investment-banking firm Jefferies, in a note Monday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Look for Apple to expand the iPhone beyond its traditional black and white models, Misek adds. Like blue? How about green? You’ll likely get your wish, as the analyst forecasts the 5S to come in six or eight different hues. iPods have been available in different colors for a while, but this would be the first time the iPhone expanded into the rainbow.

Misek also says the new iPhone will finally come with near-field communications (NFC), the technology that makes widespread use of mobile payments easier. It also lets users exchange files with others simply by touching phones, something you’ve likely seen on a TV ad for Samsung’s Galaxy S III. And if you’re a photo/video junkie, get excited for what he calls a “super HD” camera and screen.

No comment yet,  of course, from Apple, which just launched the iPhone 5 in September. And as always, take these analyst predictions with a grain of salt. Many things change over the course of months, not to mention the fact that the predictions sometimes turn out to be flat-out wrong.


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