Infonetics: All Surveyed Enterprises To Use Cloud Services Within 2 Years

All of the 100-plus enterprises polled in a new Infonetics Research survey will use cloud services by the end of 2014, according to new stats.

The firm said 91 percent of enterprises interviewed already use cloud services; the figure will grow to a complete 100 percent over the next two years. For now, SaaS remains the most popular cloud technology. And Cisco, IBM and Microsoft maintain recognition as the top cloud service providers.

“There is no doubt, the cloud has come of age,” said Sam Barnett, directing analyst for data center and cloud for Infonetics Research. “While investments in cloud outsourcing are small in comparison to internal IT/data center spending, they are growing each year, with the number of enterprise organizations turning to cloud technology to manage budgets and transform service delivery increasing significantly in the last two years.”

The leading drivers for cloud-services deployments include application performance and management of IT costs, Infonetics found.

“The cloud is no longer about outsourcing IT infrastructure and functions  it’s about right-sizing them,” Barnett said.

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