Apple to Maps Developer: Get Lost, But Leave Your iPhone

The ax has fallen at Apple. The Silicon Valley giant has reportedly fired the man behind Apple Maps, the new, directionally challenged program that debuted in iOS 6 this fall.

Richard Williamson, who was responsible for the development of the brand-new mapping software you can find on your iPhone and iPad, has been let go by upper management, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Apple didn’t comment on the news that came via "people who asked not to be named."

One of the new iPhone 5’s selling points, it was quickly discovered that Apple Maps had flaws; for instance, users reported an error that showed the road at the Hoover Dam nearly plunging into the Colorado River.

Scott Forstall, the former iOS software chief, was fired earlier this fall.

Despite the problems, sales of the iPhone 5 have been strong. Apple reported selling 5 million of the phones in the first three days and the numbers have only grown since, with supply issues being about the only noticeable, er, roadblock, if you will.

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