iPhone 5S June Release-Date Rumor Debunked

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It seems awfully soon to be talking about the release of the next iPhone especially when you consider the last one only came out two months ago. But what seems like a never-ending cycle lives on.

One week after a report out of Taiwan that said Apple would start production of a new iPhone early in 2013 leading many to expect a product announcement at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June  analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said in a pre-Thanksgiving note to investors that we shouldn’t expect to see a new iPhone until September of next year. But Munster did agree with one aspect of the article the device will not be a full-blown iPhone 6, more likely a “modest upgrade” to the iPhone 5, which has been dubbed “iPhone 5S.” Look for a faster processor, improved camera and more RAM, Munster noted, according to Apple Insider.

Apple released the iPhone 4S in 2011  not changing the design from 2010’s iPhone 4, but adding Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant, and LTE-compatibility  so there is certainly precedent for a 5S that would include upgrades that are at least reasonably satisfying to consumers.

The analyst also believes you’ll see iPad refreshes next September, notably an improvement to the iPad mini that gives its 7.85-inch screen high resolution. But the biggest news from Apple might be a television set that integrates the Web, Siri, Facetime and more expected to hit stores by next holiday season. (Reports early this year anticipated it might be ready before 2012 was out, but no such luck, it appears.) Also look for a new Internet radio service from Apple that would go head to head with Pandora, Munster says.

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